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Knovio Integrates with Brightcove for Live Multimedia Webcasting Solution

Boston, MA, December 7, 2017 - KnowledgeVision Systems, a leading provider of online presentation technology for business under the Knovio brand, today announced an integration with Brightcove (NASDAQ: BCOV), a leading provider of cloud services for video,to provide a live multimedia webcasting solution.

Knovio Live for Brightcove marries Brightcove’s enterprise-class live video streaming with Knovio’s easy-to-use presentation slide synchronization and configurable smart media players to create an engaging live multimedia experience for online conferences and events, global company meetings, investor and analyst briefings, product launches and announcements, live training, and countless other live business applications.

“As business video continues its explosive growth, we are seeing sharply increased interest in providing live webcasting experiences to both internal and external audiences,” said KnowledgeVision CEO Michael Kolowich. “Most business communications involve visuals, graphics, and presentation slides, and so it makes sense to add these visual aids side-by-side with live video when assembling a webcast. Brightcove’s reliable, adaptive-bitrate streaming is perfect for delivering these webcasts on a grand global scale.”

Knovio Live for Brightcove is available to customers of both Brightcove and Knovio. It is offered both as an add-on solution to companies that already use Brightcove’s live streaming solutions as well as a complete solution incorporating for live multimedia webcasting. Among its features are:

Support for animated Microsoft PowerPoint and PDF presentations. Presentation slide staging and control via Knovio’s easy, award-winning interface. Knovio’s smart player templates, incorporating dynamic footnotes, calls to action, slide zooms, downloadable attachments, and chapters. Flexibility to swap, change the slide order, and even add last-minute slides during a live program. Universal viewing on desktop and mobile devices with no downloaded software. Instant conversion of live programs to on-demand archives. Collect viewer questions during the program. Pause-and-LookBack for live presentations, similar to DVR functionality. NeverLate(TM) -- viewers can watch from the start of a live program even if they arrive late. Register and track attendees with Knovio’s patented analytics system. Guestbook and guest list registration to restrict access to live programs. “As more and more companies invest in live multimedia experiences, Brightcove is poised to meet the needs of these organizations through both our stand alone products, as well as our robust partner ecosystem.,” said Caren Cioffi, Brightcove’s Executive Vice President and General Manager of its Enterprise and Digital Marketing Business Unit. “Knovio Live is the perfect complement to Brightcove’s live streaming solution for a wide variety of enterprise applications.”

For more information: http://www.knovio.com/live

About KnowledgeVision

KnowledgeVision is the leader in smart media creation and hosting technology. Its Knovio online video platform is used by more than 270,000 people worldwide in more than 2,000 companies and campuses to create, host, share, organize, collaborate around, and measure online media and presentation content.

Founded in 2010 by a team of online media pioneers led by ZDNet Founder Michael Kolowich, KnowledgeVision is backed by GrandBanks Capital, Rand Capital, and a group of individual investors who believe in the company's mission to bring smarter video content to every business, organization, and educational institution.

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