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October ’18 Release Notes (Dispatch)

Boston, MA, October 31, 2018 - The time has come for us to share some gems of October. While it’s the spookiest month of the year, we also released some great underlying improvements.

New Features & Functions Modify Payee Information

Sometimes it’s necessary to specify unique payment information for an individual Invoice. Perhaps you’re using a unique billing address with a specific customer, wouldn’t it be useful to provide that address directly on the Invoice. Well, now you can.

By default, we’ll apply your company details but if you choose to modify the address, email, or phone number on an Invoice/Estimate, be our guest.

QuickBooks Online Re-authentication

Keeping your account in good graces with integrated parties requires occasional refreshing. In this case, we’ve introduced a friendly alert when there is an ‘authentication’ problem between Dispatch and QuickBooks Online. All you need to do is re-authenticate, follow the simple prompts, and you’ll be in good shape.

Secondary Updates Country Select Field

Using an address inside our UX can sometimes trip you up. For instance, if you accidentally mistype “United States” (don’t worry, you’re not the only one) it can throw off the entire process of successfully creating the new job you’ve entered. Instead, we’ve taken out all of the typo possibilities by providing you a pick list.

Noteworthy Bug Fixes ● Creating Invoices where the selected Customer has no “Billing Address” froze the screen; bug squashed. ● Technicians without First or Last Names could not create any Estimates/Invoices; problem resolved. ● Organizations without a recorded Address were locked out of access Billing pages; issue fixed.

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