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More Power to the Players: Disruptor Beam and Forte Look to the Future

MA, October 28, 2019 - Since 2012 we’ve consistently delivered deeply engaging games that appeal to fans of the world’s top entertainment franchises. One key commonality with all Disruptor Beam games has been that they are “free-to-play”. The games are free to start, but players can purchase items, packs, characters and more to progress or improve their gameplay.

This model is far from perfect. It is a developer-controlled economy that is not always as transparent as we’d like it to be. Now we at Disruptor Beam want to put more of the economic power into each player's hands. We theorize that blockchain technology and cryptocurrency could be the solution.

Today, we are thrilled to announce that Disruptor Beam is among the first development partners of Forte, a team of games industry leaders from Kabam, Unity, and GarageGames, among others. Forte is building a set of easy-to-use tools for game developers to integrate blockchain into their games and lay the foundation for community-centric game economies.

We want to enhance the player experience while simultaneously reducing frustration with free-to-play game mechanics, and we believe Forte’s technology will allow us to do just that in all Disruptor Engine games, whether existing games or future games.

Leveraging this new tech will enable players to be active participants in the overall in-game market, deciding for themselves how to buy, sell, and trade within each game. "It will also allow for a seamless experience where every player will be able to participate in the market meaningfully, with absolutely no prior blockchain experience necessary."

We are early in our journey with Forte, but we want our players to know that they are at the heart of our planning as this partnership progresses. We aren’t going into any details yet for what this might mean for a popular title like STAR TREK TIMELINES. In the coming months, we will look to our players for feedback and input and be back in touch to gather thoughts and ideas. Please stay tuned.

We have more work to do, and are thrilled to journey into a new frontier of gaming with Forte.


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