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Colubris Networks, Waltham, MA / Montreal, Canada
Colubris Networks is a leading global provider of wireless LAN (WLAN) access solutions to enterprise and service provider customers. The award winning products from Colubris deliver seamless, secure access to broadband services and applications while integrating into existing network infrastructure, security and management systems. Colubris is the market share leader in the hospitality and aerospace segments and has equipment deployed by more than 1,500 organizations worldwide.

Investment Date: January 2004 Sold to Hewlett-Packard, October 2008
GrandBanks Board Representative: Charles R. Lax
Co-investors: Business Development Bank of Canada, Prism VentureWorks, Mid-Atlantic Venture Association, DCM-Doll Capital Management, Technology Development Fund

Coradiant, San Diego, CA / Waltham, MA / Montreal, Canada
Coradiant offers performance management appliances that transparently monitor web traffic to provide real-time insight on an end user's experience. Coradiant's customers include enterprise customers, software ASPs and e-commerce companies with revenue generating, financial transaction-based, mission critical web initiatives.

Investment Date: January 2001 Sold to BMC Software, April 2011
GrandBanks Board Representative: Charles R. Lax
Co-investors: DCM-Doll Capital Management, Desjardins Venture Capital, Miramar Venture Partners, Mesirow Financial, Fonds de solidarité FTQ

SilverRail Technologies, Woburn, MA / London, U.K.
SilverRail Technologies provides technology solutions for the distribution of train tickets and other rail-related products.

Investment Date: August 2009 Sold to Expedia, June 2017
GrandBanks Board Representative: Charles R. Lax
Co-investors: Brook Ventures, PAR Capital Management, Accel Europe, Canaan Partners, Mithril Capital


Trilio Data, Hopkinton, MA
Trilio is an OpenStack provider of backup and migration solutions for IT Organizations and Cloud Service Providers deploying Application workloads in the Cloud. The solution provides a reliable recovery of applications from data corruption or data loss scenarios.

Investment Date: October 2014
GrandBanks Board Representative: Charles R. Lax
Co-investors: .406 Ventures, Windspeed Ventures, Cambria Ventures

Career opportunities at Trilio Data

xkoto, Boston, MA / Toronto, ON
xkoto's technology platform enables the replication and virtualization of data. The GRIDSCALE Database Load Balancer manages a geographic grid of standard, commercial databases, making them appear virtually as a single local database so that applications become continuously available and horizontally scalable. Recently named one of Deloitte's 2007 Companies-to-Watch, xkoto's technology partners include IBM, Microsoft, Novell, Sun Microsystems and Sybase.

Investment Date: September 2007 Sold to Teradata Corporation, May 2010
GrandBanks Board Representative: Tim Wright
Co-investors: GrowthWorks Canadian Fund

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